How to Identify the Best Basketball Shoes For the Wide Feet

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You can never enjoy the basketball whenever you do not have the right shoes. Every sports game requires the perfect shoes but choosing the basketball shoes for the wide feet can be very frustrating. Most of the shoes are designed for the standard sizes, and you can struggle to select and find the best extra-large shoes for your big feet. Below is a quick guideline that you can use to ensure that you identify the best shoes.

Be Specific With Your Choice

You need first to identify your playing style before you can visit the market. If you are a fast and all-around player, you should ensure that you go for the lightweight type even if it is large. Read more about Basketball from onecrack. You should check at the cushioning, flexibility and the support that the shoes have. The sole should be made of the patterned rubber to increase the grip on the surface and to help improve the traction.

Be Patient during Your Search
You should not quickly fall for any shoes that you find if it is not correctly fitting. You will have to research before you can settle for the perfect one. Checking on the different sites that sell the shoes can give your idea on their sizes and even visit them to find out if they fit you.

Select the Perfect Brands

You need to be sure of the leading brands when it comes to the manufacture of the basketball shoes. Some of the brands are known to deal with shoes that are extra-large and specifically meant for the large and wide feet. You should check out the multiple brands that are available to know the perfect one for your feet, and you can check the packaging if they are large.

Get them from the Review Site

There are multiple shoe review sites that you can use to identify the type of the shoes in the market. You should identify the review sites that talks about the shoes for basketball. You will also get to see the specification of the shoes to know if it is comfortable enough for your feet. Click this website to get more details about Basketball. Reading through the comments will give you clue of the exact size of the shoes and know the features that you will enjoy.


Your final shoe selection should be able to meet all your needs. You can go for the high-top kinds that offer support to the ankles, mid-top or the low-top shoes that are very flexible. You should try the shoes to ensure that it has sufficient space and that it is not too tight. Learn more from


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